new fork for front of garry fisher marlin.

im thinking about getting a new fork on my bike and was wondering if anyone has any ideas.. im 220 lbs , thinking 100mm is probably the way to go.. i believe the stock is 80. i bottom if out rather easily. im trying to keep the cost down if possible too.. dont want to spend over like 200 .. 25 ... Read More »

Anybody know how to contact Garry Snook?

Isn't he the president of Performance Bike? I'm sick of dealing with his idiot employees. I need to send my complaints straight to the top.Read More »

An email from Garry Lawson (Kronik)

Back with his tail between his legs. Obviously not up to me to answer this email... But anyhow: [QUOTE] Hello Sorry to bother you. I am (or was) a member of MTBR. I got banned. I was kronik. I did change my avatar but still got banned. I guess cos I was a tad too in ... Read More »

Garry Fisher Biggns?

I am looking to get a freeride hardtail. Anyone have any experience with the Fisher Biggns Bitter bike? Also, any other suggestions for a hardtail in the 700-800 dollar range?Read More »

garry Fisher sugar 4+

I'm interested in the Gary Fisher and I wondered if anyone knows if they have cured the chain suck on the 2004 models?? If not ill have to find the extra cash and buy a Giant NRS1 thanksRead More »


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