Review: Turner Czar 29er

The Turner Czar is just about as close to a perfect bike as one can envision. It’s beautiful. Its performance uphill and downhill is superlative. Its range of useability is insanely large.   Read More »

5th Châtel Mountain Style Contest from July 1st to 3rd 2011 in Châtel!

Châtel, a French resort in the Portes du Soleil domain, is preparing the 5th Châtel Mountain Style Contest which is, for the 2nd year, a part of the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour and which will take place from 1st to 3rd July 2011… This downhill mountain-biking international event in freeride ...    Read More »

Ride The Divide Film in Oakland, April 13 to Benefit BTCEB

RIDE THE DIVIDE, AWARD-WINNING DOCUMENTARY FILM, COMING TO OAKLAND APRIL 13 Ride The Divide, the award-winning feature-length documentary about the world’s toughest mountain bike race, will drop in on the East Bay when it premieres in Oakland on Wednesday, April 13 at the Grand Lake Theater. The ev ...    Read More »

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new fork for front of garry fisher marlin.

im thinking about getting a new fork on my bike and was wondering if anyone has any ideas.. im 220 lbs , thinking 100mm is probably the way to go.. i believe the stock is 80. i bottom if out rather easily. im trying to keep the cost down if possible too.. dont want to spend over like 200 .. 25 ... Read More »

Anybody know how to contact Garry Snook?

Isn't he the president of Performance Bike? I'm sick of dealing with his idiot employees. I need to send my complaints straight to the top.Read More »

An email from Garry Lawson (Kronik)

Back with his tail between his legs. Obviously not up to me to answer this email... But anyhow: [QUOTE] Hello Sorry to bother you. I am (or was) a member of MTBR. I got banned. I was kronik. I did change my avatar but still got banned. I guess cos I was a tad too in ... Read More »

Garry Fisher Biggns?

I am looking to get a freeride hardtail. Anyone have any experience with the Fisher Biggns Bitter bike? Also, any other suggestions for a hardtail in the 700-800 dollar range?Read More »

garry Fisher sugar 4+

I'm interested in the Gary Fisher and I wondered if anyone knows if they have cured the chain suck on the 2004 models?? If not ill have to find the extra cash and buy a Giant NRS1 thanksRead More »

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