Funk Cycles - La Ruta Ti 29er Full Suspension Racer

Daryl Funk (Funk Cycles) builds with titanium and makes hardtails, full suspension and road bikes. They are based out of Denver, CO. Here, Daryl shows us his pivotless Ti 29er full suspension called La Ruta. It weighs in at 21 lbs (complete bike) and features an Exogrid downtube. It is made for ...    Read More »

The Mtbr Best Beer Guide

Beer is one of the common threads that unites many of us mountain bikers. How does one navigate through the roof-high racks of many beer shops? We have a few words of advice and we've recruited a couple experts to help guide you through your journey.   Read More »

2013 Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival Report

Introduction by Francis Cebedo On this fourth rendition of the Santa Cruz Mountain Festival, I took the family out not knowing what to expect. Last year, there was an Enduro Race event in the adjacent Soquel Demo Forest and it attracted quite a crowd. This year though, that race was detached from ...    Read More »

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Funk - trying to track down a rigid funk fork

Back in the day I had a 92 funk raised chain stay frame. It was a great bike but I ended up selling it to fund an ibis... Anyway... I recently tracked one of these frames down and am looking for a funk rigid over size fork. Anybody know where I might get one, anybody know anybody selling an old on ... Read More »

Ever have a "funk" where you wreck a few rides in a row?

So the last 4 rides I have been out I wrecked. Two of the times pretty hard (hard enough I had a few days off the bike to heal, but not hard enough I was out for weeks). Not sure what's going on. Do any of you ever go through a spell like that? My wreck today was an OTB on the exact same ... Read More »

Nickel Bike of Funk - build pics

So, I recently purchased a Santa Cruz Nickel frame, on closeout from competitive cyclist dot com, for a crazy deal. I was actually originally in the market for a 4" travel 29'er frame, to swap all my parts over from my Surly Karate Monkey. However, 3 factors came into play that swayed my decisio ... Read More »

Post Race Funk - Who has had it before?

Has been a while since I have posted on this site, basically as a result of loosing all motivation around bikes after my 12 hour race. Basically entered in my first 12 hour race 2 weekends ago, and placed really well – top 20 our of almost 100 riders. I am very happy with the result, and glad ... Read More »

Anyone riding a Funk La Ruta?

I've been spending too much time on the internet looking for a 29er and saw an interview with Daryl from NAHBS, and am really intrigued. There are a couple reviews out there but I'm looking for more. I wanted to hear how the bike handles technical terrain and fast descents. Anyone out there willi ... Read More »

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