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Review: 2014 Specialized CruX Elite EVO Rival Disc

If you could have one – and only one – bike, the CruX Elite EVO might just be the choice.   Read More »

Review: Spank Oozy Trail Stem and LTD Handlebar

Spank’s Oozy line delivers a bar/stem combination that is light, strong and easy on the wallet. They put in some careful thought that makes it ideal for the bigger wheelsizes and the higher demands of all mountain riding.   Read More »

New Air 9 RDO from Niner Bikes - A Racing Thoroughbred

New Photos Added (courtesy of ProBikeSupply) Introduction by Francis Cebedo: The Niner Air 9 RDO picks up the baton from Air 9 Carbon and delivers a sleeker and lighter bike.  The Air 9 RDO is half a pound lighter and tips the scales at about 2.5 lbs for the frame. The tubes are smaller, sugge ...    Read More »

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Function Bikes Project Inertia crowns

Anyone heard of them or used them? Just ordered an upper kit for my 40. [url=http://www.function-bikes.com/Inertia-Project-Crowns.html]Function Bikes - Inertia Project Crowns[/url]Read More »

Function Bikes Fox 40 Crowns?

Anyone ever heard of tried these? I was looking to get a the newer version of the Fox 40 top crown for my bike when i stumbled upon these, it seems like a pretty good price, and they look really sick and stiff, yet claim to be lighter than the stock crowns. Its something like 190 for the upper/lower ... Read More »

Search function on light-bikes.com?

Hey Dirt Boy! Here's a suggestion for light-bikes.com: A search function that could be used to do things like, show me all bikes under 19 lbs., or show me all bikes for a certain owner, or show me all the Trek Fuels, or show me all the bikes that are listed with conti twister ss tires. Do other ... Read More »

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