Fulcrum Announces New 29er Wheelset

Advanced Red Metal 29 XRP Wheels Up the Game for Fulcrum Fulcrum is embracing their mountain bike wheel lineup for 2013 with expanded offerings, especially for 29ers. The all new Fulcrum RED METAL 29 XRP wheelset is targeted to XC riders and racers and particularly the endurance/marathon racer ...    Read More »

Fulcrum 2012 Off-Road Preview - New Red Power 29 Range

The Red Power Become Oversize The 29' family is also growing and takes on a new name. In the growing market of 29ers, Fulcrum is launching two new 29' wheels: the Red Power 29 XL, sister of the 26” XL, and the Red Power 29 SL, designed for those who wish to approach the world of oversize. Red Po ...    Read More »

Fulcrum Red Power Family

Fulcrum 2012 Off-Road Preview Fulcrum unveils the new family of clincher wheels: Red Power XL, Red Power SL & Red Power. The Fulcrum family of clincher wheels has changed and now has a new name: Red Power. Red Power is the name of a project designed to raise the bar on performance and relia ...    Read More »

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Stans ZTR Race Gold 29er or Fulcrum Red Metal

Looking at a wheelset for my first 29er Hard Eddie Single Speed build and would love to hear from anyone that has experience with either of the wheelsets. The race gold seems to be super light but cant seem to find to much info out there. The fulcrum seems a bit beefier with added weight and s ... Read More »

pinging noise from Fulcrum Red Metal 1

I have a pair of Fulcrum Red Metal 1 XL wheels. I'm using these wheels for almost 1,5 year now and the last couple of months the wheels are making a 'pinging' sound when I'm up on the pedals, when I'm climbing and putting a lot of sideway stress on the wheels. The noise seems to be coming from where ... Read More »

Fulcrum Red Metal 3 - will these fit my bike? Please help

I am having a heck of a time finding concrete answers on if these will fit my current bike. 2011 Giant Trance X1 (Front = 15mm QR / Rear = 135mm with 9mm QR). I am mainly concerned about the rear axle size, if these will fit. I gathered the spacing is 135mm from what I read. 2013 Fulcrum Red Meta ... Read More »

fulcrum red metal 29 sl

i bought me a set of 2nd hand fulcrum red metal 29 [B]sl[/B]. but i would like to convert to 15mm thru axle and all my LBS's only have stock of the adaptors for the fulcrum red metal 29 [B]xl[/B] are these the same? on the fulcrum it gives a list of wheels that work with these adaptors but the ... Read More »

Fulcrum Wheels

[url=http://bikemagic.com/news/fulcrum-650b-wheels.html]Fulcrum 650b wheels – Bike Magic[/url]Read More »

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