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24K Gold Mountain Bike on Sale for $1 Million

The House of Solid Gold offers to you the first 24K Gold Mountain bike, perhaps the most expensive bike in the world at $1 million. Why did they make it? We're not quite sure. But the real question is who will buy it and will one of these ever get ridden on a trail.   Read More »

Team Topeak-Ergon Basecamp Video Contest 2011

Team Topeak-Ergon Basecamp Video Contest 2011 On May 2-4, 2011, Team Topeak-Ergon USA will descend on Sedona, AZ for 3 days of training and preparation for the 2011 season.  During these 3 days, the 6 members Team Topeak Ergon USA will test their bodies and sponsor equipment over this unforgivin ...    Read More »

Fool's Gold Mtb Races and Festival

  Presented by 55nine Performance     Fool's Gold MTB Races & Festival The Races... The Festival... Food, Lodging, Beverages, and Bands   55nine Performace Introduces Pedal Stroke Video Analysis What do Jeremiah Bishop, Rebec ...    Read More »

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Lance and FRS

Anyone notice that Lance is finally missing from the FRS ads and their website? The last bastion of Lance endorsement money finally dropped him. They held out for quite awhile. Now, we get to look at Tebow's mug. ****EDIT**** Typed too soon. I see a shot of Lance it still in their slide sh ... Read More »

Need to get FRS to update their ad?

Read one of the Lance threads on Passion and these ads popped up.Read More »

Surbar BRZ aka Scion FRS report

Ok, this is not your typical bike carrier. But I do run a site called carreview.com and they sent me this car for a week. They gave me the Scion FRS which is a twin of the Subaru BRZ I'm on Day 2 and the gas tank is empty. Why? Because it the most fun car I've driven of the last 20 that have arr ... Read More »

FRS sample

Has anybody ordered the FRS sample pack from the sponsor ad? I know its only $4.00, but i'm curious if anybody has tried it yet and what your thoughts are on it.Read More »

FRS Healthy Energy?

Has anyone else tried this stuff? I read about it in MBA last year, but forgot until I saw it in Rite-Aid. I bought one of the premixed cans and drank it on my way to the trail yesterday afternoon. I was very skeptical and felt no different at all for the first 30-45 minutes. I finally forgot ... Read More »

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Concentrate 3
3   Reviews
$ 84.95
Powder Drink 0
0   Reviews
$ 88.00
Ready to Drink 4
1   Reviews
$ 0.00
Soft Chew 0
0   Reviews
$ 29.99


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