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Thule Freeload Bike Rack Availability

Not sure if this was the best area to post this.... The Freeload bike rack that was originally designed by the outfit in New Zealand.... [url=http://www.freeload.co.nz/]Your Platform For Adventure[/url] This rack attaches at four different points on the seat stays. Supposedly under Thule's c ... Read More »

Freeload Rack on Fattys?

Hi guys, I found these racks being mentioned in an other thread. I have a WB Snowpack fork, so this looks like a possibility to fit a rack on my front end. Does anyone tried these racks? Do they fit on Fat-Bikes? Any other rack options for Snowpacks? [url=http://www.freeload.co.nz/pages/13/The-Sy ... Read More »

Can't find Freeload Pannier Frames anywhere

Can't seem to find a set of these frames for the Freeloader rack. I've got the rack and deck with rails. I know Thule bought Freeloader but they don't seem to offer them. Anyone out there have a pair for sale? thanksRead More »

Freeload Rack on Fuel EX

Has anyone fitted a Freeload rack to the rear of a Trek Fuel EX 9.5? I have the carbon frame, so not sure if the Freeload straps will work on the tapered form of the seat stays/suspension struts. freeload.co.nzRead More »


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