Fatty Look Fournales Suspension Fork

Just had my Look Fournales machined up with just enough room for a 5.0 if I want. 3.8 Nate on there now. I love link forks and just couldn't go Lefty. I think I'm under their weight too. Unverified, I added about 200g to the already light fork. I was too excited and had to get them on. I will get ... Read More »

650B and 29er Look Fournales

Hey guys, I have been running a Look Fournales on my 26er. I just love this fork. Then with a 650b for a couple years. All I had to do was grind a bolt head down under the shock. Leaves about 5mm spacing and the odd time a rock would ping out but it ran smooth with a WTB Wolverine 2.2 in the ... Read More »

Look VTT fournales forks

Help! Does anyone know of anywhere to get spares for these forks? Bushings, pivots and such.Read More »

Look Fournales

Anyone got the instructions for the shock unit for this fork? I can't find mine.Read More »

Look VTT Fournales fork parts

I am a very happy owner of a Look VTT Fournales fork with a small problem. I have been told by virtually everyone that there are no spare parts available for my fork and that has caused me to begin the search for seals, pivots and such for the fork. If you have any leads or ideas please let me ... Read More »


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