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New Sette Forza bike

It's a road bike. No info regarding the specs or components. But as always the paint color scheme is totally awesome. [url]http://www.setteusa.com/index.htm[/url]Read More »

Forza 3 Cannondale Livery

Started messing with the paint shop on Forza 3 today, since I cannot ride due to a torn ACL, and decided to use the factory paintscheme on the team Scalpel to paint up what I feel is the scalpel of the car world. [img]http://quentin.fauberg.com/nasioc/Forza3/exige1.jpg[/img] [img]http://quentin.f ... Read More »

Tifosi Forza Photochromatic or cat 1 force eyewear

Has anyone gotten the tifosi or cat 1 photochromatic eyewear and how good are they?Read More »





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