Jamis is Official Bicycle of Team FMF Suzuki Off-Road

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FMF brake for 650b conversion

Thanks to all who mentioned these previously. While not as nice as my Avid Ultimates they get the job done for using 650's in a 26" rim brake frame or fork. Lots of adjustment and easy enough to set up. MMcG, you might be interested in these. I think they can still be found on ebay.Read More »

Platform pedals: FMF Powermoto or DMR V12 ?

Both can be had for roughly $50-60. [url]http://www.pricepoint.com/detail.htm?stylePkey=18081&style_id=240[/url] DMRV28 [url]http://www.bikepartsplace.com/discount/pedal-set-pro-pedal/[/url]Read More »

FMF SS cranks?

Anyone have info on the FMF SS crankset selling at chucksbikes.com? I think it was $69 for the cranks, a Blackspire ring, and some sort of BB. Searched for FMF and found nothing. I need to find a spare right-side Deore arm since my wife wants her Truvativ Stylos back, but then I saw these and sai ... Read More »

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