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Review: Bailey Bikes 29er

The Bailey 29er delivers sub-20 pound weight, and one of the best warranties in the industry, making it an outstanding value for XC racers.   Read More »

Updated: Sneak Peek Of Giant’s Prototype 27.5-inch Bikes

When a company spends upwards of $100,000 per carbon mold and makes three of said molds, it’s a safe bet that something new is moving quickly down the pipeline toward public availability. That would certainly appear to be the case with Giant and the burgeoning realm of 27.5-inch mountain bikes.    Read More »

Feature: Yukon Mountain Biking - Whitehorse

It’s a bold claim to attach a superlative like “the purest singletrack experience” to any place but if any place can earn it; it’s the Yukon.   Read More »

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It is a slick tire day at First Flight Bikes!

Both of these bikes arrived today from different owners. These are a couple of quick cell phone pictures before we get 'em polished up. 1992 Trek 9500 with a complete XTR kit (seat post even). Nothing spectacular but we might replace the 9000 in the collection with this one since it is clean and ... Read More »

Anyone heard of Titicaca folding bikes? (Flight model)

So I love my mountain bike, but bike thefts/bike parts thefts are really bad here (South Korea) and I want to have a cheaper/less flashy bike to take to the grocery store or whatever nearby...so I'm thinking of picking up a folding bike (I live in a tiny apartment). A friend's friend is selling ... Read More »

First Flight Bikes blog shout-out

Kinda neat to talk to folks who like and understand what we do: [url]http://www.martinsride.com/Home/Blog/July-2010/Is-First-Flight-Bicycles-The-Best-Bicycle-Shop-In-.aspx[/url]Read More »

First Flight Bikes/MOMBAT Ritchey in Dirt Rag #143

Our gold-plated Ritchey was in the latest issue of Dirt Rag. Pick up a copy at your favorite bike shop or local book seller. [IMG]http://mombat.org/DirtRagRitchey.jpg[/IMG]Read More »

Thank you First Flight Bikes

The scans you've been posting have been great reads. Keep 'em coming!Read More »

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XC Full Suspension

Trail DS 3.1 0
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$ 1499.00
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$ 999.00

XC Hardtail

Trail 1 0
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$ 699.00
Trail 2 0
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$ 549.00
Trail 3 0
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$ 399.00
Trail 3 Womens 0
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$ 399.00
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$ 349.00
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$ 349.00




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