Interbike 2013: Five Ten Shoes

Five Ten were showing their new Maltese Falcon, Freerider Kid's, and Impact XVi mountain biking shoes, and the latter gets their new super sticky Stealth Mi6 rubber compound.    Read More »

Review: Five Ten Maltese Falcon Shoe

The Five Ten Maltese Falcon are a good all-around comfortable and protective shoe, with a good combination of stiffness and flexibility, and the uber sticky Stealth S1 rubber soles that lets you pretend your a rock climber, carrying your bike and yourself into all sorts of terrain.   Read More »

Five Ten UK Athletes at Hafjell, Norway

A photo recap of the 2012 UCI World cup round at Hafjell, Norway featuring the Five Ten UK athletes + more: Adam Brayton, Dan Sheridan, Fraser McGlone, Harry Heath, Rich Thomas, Jess Stone    Read More »

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How do Five Ten shoes fit?

When I buy shoes, my size is 10, 10.5, or 11, depending on the shoe. For common reference here, my size is 11 in Nike running shoes, but a 10 in something like Sperrys. I want to get a pair of Five Ten MTB shoes online, but I am not sure how they'll fit--do they typically run big (10 is good for m ... Read More »

Best deal on Five Ten shoes?

I found some Impact 2s on Chain Reaction Cycles for $98. Are there any better deals than this? Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 4 BetaRead More »

Mountain bike pedals for five ten shoes

Hi there, New biker here. I have decided to get a pair of five ten shoes in order to avoid clipless and i would like to know what flat pedals out there will fit well with these shoes. Also i notice that there are some small wholes on the bottom of the shoe and i am not sure what this has to do with ... Read More »

Five Ten Ravens

Cant find hardly any reviews on them. I'm looking for a shoe similar to the shimano am45 (which I own and beat to death), looking to try something different. Anyone have first hand experience with these? Theyll be used for all mtn, xc,, and light dh riding.Read More »

Best deal on Five Ten?

Have heard nothing but good things about these shoes but can't see to find any of them on sale. Anyone know where I could save some money on these. Not too worried about the model/color as long as they work as intended.Read More »

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