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Compare-O First Look: Rocky Mountain Altitude MSL 770 Rally Edition

Rocky Mountain’s Altitude MSL 770 Rally Edition has a long name, big tires and tall gears. Check out what else this Euro-style sled brings to the enduro party.   Read More »

Feature: Why I Race Ultra-Endurance

Why would I want to sleep on the ground, freeze my ass off, ride my bike for 8 hours at a time, take pleasure in hiking my bike through the mud or up the side of a giant mountain, and voluntarily choose to push myself so hard that I suffer from the pain? Simple. It makes me a better person.   Read More »

USA Cycling Announces 2013 Pro Gravity, Pro Ultra-Endurance MTB Tours

Some exciting news from USA Cycling has been announced recently with the increase to 10 races this coming season (up from 6 this past year). The Gravity Tour expands with a new Boulder City, NV stop and two in California. The Pro UET also returns with four events for the endurance mountain bikers ...    Read More »

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First Endurance Race!

So, I'm gearing up for my first endurance race this weekend. I've done traditional XC races but never a race like this. It's a 4 hour time limit (you must start your last lap by the cut-off) and a 7 mile course. The course is technical and tough but I ride in this area often. There will be an area t ... Read More »

My first wheel build - What an experience...a test of endurance!

Evening everyone... I just thought I would share my experience of building my first wheel. Well, I got started yesterday at 5pm, laying out all the bits and pieces: - Sapim race spokes - Brass spoke head washers - for a stronger wheel. - Mavic XC717 disc rim - spoke wrench - minoura che ... Read More »

Getting ready for Alpine Odyssey-My first endurance race and looking for advice

The race is Sept. 15th and I've been training on my road bike, Tallboy and Highball at 3-6K ft. elevation. I get about 85 mile a week in between them and I'm 42 yr. old and 6'4" 225 lbs. I've previously received some advice on this forum, but I need a refresher update. My goal is to make the ti ... Read More »

First Endurance Race and bad things happened

A little background. I've been racing with good results since May in our local summer series. I only would have to ride 7 to 9 miles so I'm kind of used to hammering all the way through. I raced in 100 degree weather with no problem. All the races started a 6:15. I would hydrate with water thr ... Read More »

First time endurance race in the northwest

Hey, I am thinking about entering my first endurance race next summer (2012), and I am wondering what the best endurance race in the Northwest would be for a beginner. I think the perfect one would not have a massive amount of climbing, maybe a 50 miler. I ride a Titus Racer X, 20 years old, 165 ... Read More »

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