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FireEye PJ-Acr pedals

I didn't see any forums specifically for pedals so I thought the Drivetrain forum would be best. I am thinking of going with these pedals, FireEye PJ-Acr pedals. For $80 I think this may be the best deal on pedals that utilize the design of the pins mounted from the backside to reduce the chance ... Read More »

Fireeye Griffin

Hi All, New to the boards. Just getting back into mountain biking. I have time to build up a bike and since I have the time think I can do it a bit cheaper than buying a complete FS setup for $1500 or more. Anyway, I picked up a new Fireeye Griffin frame ( [url]http://www.chainreactioncycles ... Read More »

FireEye Hubs

anyone here have heard or tried these hubs from FIREEYE??? [url]http://www.fireeye-bike.com/hub_excelerant_r5.htm[/url]Read More »

fireeye bikes

i was looking at some thread on the urban/dj forum and saw some pics of one of these.i checked out there website and saw they had a cromo/al 7" travel bike and were working on a 5".anyone have anyone seen or ridden one of these?they look pretty sick. check them out [url]http://www.fireeye-bike.com ... Read More »

My new Fireeye setup

Ok, not finished, but good enough to ride. I am getting a GL series 2 next week along with some new hayes stoppers. Frame: Spitfire Wheels: Fireeye Excelerant H/s: King current fork: Heavy old marzocchi Brakes: supper old Hayes Chain: KMC - busted one asap on my test ride! Cranks: CMC ... Read More »


FireEye Product Categories

Chain Accessories

Spur Singlespeed Chain Tensioner 0
0   Reviews
$ 41.99


Shortfuse 360 5
1   Reviews
$ 99.99


Fully 0
0   Reviews
$ 19.99
Iris X 5
1   Reviews
$ 0.00


PJ 0
0   Reviews
$ 71.49
PJ-Acr 0
0   Reviews
$ 76.99
Soft Sweets 0
0   Reviews
$ 106.99


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