Compare-O Bottom Line: The Felt Virtue Nine 20 proves you don't need to spend a mint to have a good time

The well-spec’d Felt Virtue Nine 20 climbs well, looks great and does well on terrain up to about the intermediate level. It also proves you don’t have to spend a mint to have a good time.    Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Niner's WFO 9 eats big trail—and convention—for breakfast and still gives you change for lunch

No carbon, no tweener wheels and half the price of some of our test bikes, the WFO 9 might just be the “get real” bike of the test.    Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Born on the ‘shore’ Norco Range 7.1 packs proven DH chops in AM package

The burly Norco Range Alloy 7.1 can handle the steepest and gnarliest of trails all while offering one of the best values on the market today.    Read More »

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finish line citrus degreaser too harsh?

Hey all, Just wanted to bounce this off you... a buddy told me the finish line brand citrus degreaser (comes in a orange can) is too harsh for bike components. Should I be concerned and find something else to use when cleaning my drive train? Thanks.Read More »

Finish Line "Chain Pup" Kinda cool

Picked up a bike yesterday and this was in the saddle bag. I don't remember them but it is very cool. Just wondering if anyone is familiar with it and knows if the allen key had a keeper to keep it from sliding out of the chain breaker. [url= ... Read More »

Let's talk grease. Specifically Finish Line Ceramic vs Park

Time to buy a new tub o' grease. Seems that the "Park" stuff is pretty standard: [url=]Park Tool Co. » PPL-2 : PolyLube 1000 Lubricant (Tub) : Cleaning & Lube[/url] This is also out there, and pretty much the same pricepoint: [u ... Read More »

Best bad loser finish line tantrum ever

Hands up, how many racers here have had this fine a meltdown after losing a finish line sprint by 1 second, just because he came unclipped. This was the second place finisher at the Belgian National Championships this past weekend. He's 27 and an Elite Men's class racer. [url= ... Read More »

Cheap Finish Line oil at Lowes?

Over in the grease/oil section at Lowes, there are a bunch of different kinds of oil for chainsaws, labelled Dupont but manufactured by Finish Line. Does anybody have experience with these as bicycle chain lubes? I've never used Finish Line before but I have to wonder whether it is the exact s ... Read More »

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Finish Line Product Categories


Line Fork Oil 0
0   Reviews


Stanchion Fluoro Oil 4.67
1   Reviews
$ 10.00


Parts Washer 3.33
2   Reviews
$ 34.00
Protectant Pro Detailer 5
1   Reviews
$ 5.00
Wetbrush Kit 0
0   Reviews
$ 7.00
Work Mat 0
0   Reviews
$ 12.00



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