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Spotlight: 2010 Ibis Tranny Single Speed

By Kurt Gensheimer Blings: • Ungodly acceleration • Sub-20 pounds • Descends like a full-suspension bike • Donkey Punch-proof • Relatively affordable (especially compared to a Specialized!) Dings: • Some people will be disappointed it isn’t a 29er (which is a bling in my book). • Stock Cane Cr ...    Read More »

The Hive and e*thirteen merge; release groundbreaking new DH crank!

Petaluma, CA and Leominster, MA The Hive proudly announces a merger with chain retention manufacturer e*thirteen. Independently, both companies are dedicated to designing and manufacturing industry-shaping cycling components. Together, we’ll build on our shared philosophy of strong engineering prin ...    Read More »

The Hive Monthly: Nov. '09

Interbike: Las Vegas, where nothing is as it seems (OK..the dust, heat, and bloodshot eyes are real) and your money magically vaporizes from your wallet only to end up in some guy named Vinnie's Dubai bank account. Oh joy, Las Vegas, Interbike 2009. The Hive attended the 2009 edition of bike ...    Read More »

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Looking for E.13 XC Cranks (formally Fifteen G) opinions

Hi, I have done a fair bit of research on the E13 "XC" cranks (these are the ones previously under the brand "Fifteen G") but am unable to find any opinions/reviews on wether these are suitable for enduro/all mountain type setup. Most reviews of the single speed and triple versions only have p ... Read More »

Fifteen G Bottom Bracket Installation Problems.

Hi Guys, I have recently purchased a Fifteen G crankset to install on an new Ibis Tranny frame. When I try and install the BB adapters (by hand) they are only threading a few turns and then stopping :madman: - Neither drive side nor non-drive side will install. - Threads have been properly g ... Read More »

Fifteen G crankset

Hi, Is anyone running these cranks on their Pivot. Looking at getting a set as they are light and look strong. Thanks, Gus :)Read More »

Fifteen G. / ethirteen SS cranks?

Anyone use these SS cranks, and if so, what is your thought on them? They look promising. [url]http://www.e13components.com/product_xc_ss.html[/url] [url]http://www.e13components.com/images/product/xc_ss_main.jpg[/url]Read More »

Fifteen.G Bottom Bracket

I have been running the Fifteen.G cranks (double/bash) and the Fifteen.G bottom bracket since April. I was riding Saturday and started getting a loud buzz almost every time I hit something that created a lot of down force (corners, jumps, gullies). It almost sounded like my tire was rubbing somethin ... Read More »

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FIFTEEN G Product Categories

Bottom Bracket

15 G 0
0   Reviews
$ 40.00


Fifteen.G OGA Triple Crankset 1
1   Reviews
$ 274.00


Bottom Bracket Socket-type 0
0   Reviews
$ 10.95




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