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Looking for E.13 XC Cranks (formally Fifteen G) opinions

Hi, I have done a fair bit of research on the E13 "XC" cranks (these are the ones previously under the brand "Fifteen G") but am unable to find any opinions/reviews on wether these are suitable for enduro/all mountain type setup. Most reviews of the single speed and triple versions only have p ... Read More »

Fifteen G Bottom Bracket Installation Problems.

Hi Guys, I have recently purchased a Fifteen G crankset to install on an new Ibis Tranny frame. When I try and install the BB adapters (by hand) they are only threading a few turns and then stopping :madman: - Neither drive side nor non-drive side will install. - Threads have been properly g ... Read More »

Fifteen G crankset

Hi, Is anyone running these cranks on their Pivot. Looking at getting a set as they are light and look strong. Thanks, Gus :)Read More »

Fifteen G. / ethirteen SS cranks?

Anyone use these SS cranks, and if so, what is your thought on them? They look promising. [url]http://www.e13components.com/product_xc_ss.html[/url] [url]http://www.e13components.com/images/product/xc_ss_main.jpg[/url]Read More »

Fifteen.G Bottom Bracket

I have been running the Fifteen.G cranks (double/bash) and the Fifteen.G bottom bracket since April. I was riding Saturday and started getting a loud buzz almost every time I hit something that created a lot of down force (corners, jumps, gullies). It almost sounded like my tire was rubbing somethin ... Read More »


FIFTEEN G Product Categories

Bottom Bracket

15 G 0
0   Reviews
$ 40.00


Fifteen.G OGA Triple Crankset 1
1   Reviews
$ 274.00


Bottom Bracket Socket-type 0
0   Reviews
$ 10.95




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