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Atherton Racing Extended May 09

This image is one of the few of Dan at Andorra, Sven Martin got this shot on the upper section of the Vallnord course the very run Dan crashed and broke his shoulder. The big over the bars crash Dan suffered in downhill practice put pay to him retaining the number spot he won in last years 4X. ...    Read More »

Atherton Racing Extended Apr 09

Are the Atherton's on their way to resolving their World Cup round one jinx? With a fifth for Gee and thirteenth for Dan most would say that this was a good start to the World Series but for us round one still proves the thorn in our side and the hardest to get up to race pace. Petermaritzburg, ...    Read More »

Corsair Bikes Announces New International Distributors

Seattle, WA - April 3, 2008 - Corsair Bikes is pleased to announce the addition of 3 new International Distributors, bringing the total number of countries with Corsair Bikes distribution to nineteen. In Europe, Windwave, located in Gosport Hampshire, England, will serve the vibrant UK marke ...    Read More »

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Cheap pads damaged piston ('04 XT & Fibrax Semi-Metallic)

First up, these are '04 generation XT discs (new in '05), 180mm front rotor. I put some new brake pads in the front brake pre-ride yesterday, some cheap Fibrax ones I had picked up online. Before I took off into the trails, I did a lap on the criterium track and cycled the front brake on the dow ... Read More »

fibrax outer cables, any good?

During climbs today the gears were sliping like mad, and one of the fellas i rode with mentioned fibrax outer cables instead of the crap i have on the bike now. Are they worth investing in?Read More »

Fitting Fibrax braided hose

I bought some Fibrax braided hose for my Shimano LX brakes to give a little more bite and feel and as a bit of an experiment. I tried to fit them but found the instructions pretty lame despite being a pretty hands on sort of person. Guess I didn't want to stuff it as it could be nasty. Anyway I ... Read More »

Avid Mech/Giant Users and 1st report on Fibrax pads

I have Avid Mechs on my Giant Warp DS1 '03. I have had problems with my rear rotor warping and fast pad wear. The front runs quietly as expected. I thought it was due to poor centering and torqueing and it probably was. But just working on trueing the rotor, I noticed the caliper sits too high ... Read More »

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