Kona/Fastrax AF2 rear shock?

Does anyone know who manufactures the Kona/Fastrax AF2 rear shock that comes on the Tanuki? Any other info would be helpful as well.Read More »

SWorks Fastrax 'n Stans "results" report.......

Wahoo!!!.........This tire rocks! Here's how I tackled the instalation process: 1. Install tire w/ tube on my Crossmax wheel. Air up to 60lbs and let sit over night making sure that the bead is evenly locked into place on the rim. Let sit over night. 2. break bead on one side of tire, take ou ... Read More »

SWorks Fastrax Tire + Stans?

I know this is a newer tire but someone must have some Stans experience with it. Is it a burper on a UST rim? How's the cornering?Read More »

Anyone have experience with Fastrax?

These are being sold on Ebay by JP sales. The bikes are said to be manfuctured in Tiawan, and they have quality entry level components hanging on them. The seller has over 700 feedbacks with a 98% positive feedback. I am looking for a FSXC bike for my wife (still), and these look interesting. I ... Read More »

Fastrax Scandium

Hi Does anyone have any info on the Scandium framemakers Fastrax? I am changing my heavy 1700 gram Aluminium Kona Kula Frame to something lighter. The Kula Primo Scandium frame is only around 1400 grams.Read More »


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