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Shimano SH-56 Cleats with Exustar E-PM215Ti Pedals?

I'm thinking of getting these Exustar pedals, but have the Shimano SH-56 multi-release cleats on my shoes and I'm not sure if they work together. I know that the Exustar pedals come with their own cleats, but my other bikes have Shimano SPD M-520 and M-540 pedals.Read More »

Exustar Ti pedals

Taking a good look at these any one using them cant seem to find any reviews.Read More »

Exustar pm28ti

My very expensive 28ti pedals are now scrap after about 10 rides. Unfortunately I have had them on and off my race bike for a while now so I doubt very much Ill have any come back. The problem is the magnesium body. It is simply too sof and the platform has worn away will not let the cleat releas ... Read More »

Shoes? Exustar Sm631

Anyone know anything about these? I just ordered them since they seem to be a good bargain. I got some Shimano M520 pedals for my Trek 3900, but I haven't been able to find any reviews of these shoes. Reviews of similar look pretty good for the money, but I would be interested in hearing abou ... Read More »

Getting Exustar Pedals in North America

Anyone sell them here in the States?...and I'm not talking about the cheapie ones, but the weight weenie ones. Anyone actually ridden them? Good, bad, break, durable?Read More »





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