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Evoc Sports Interbike 2013

Bernd Stucke from Evoc Sports, a German based company, shows us the FR Enduro Team pack, Protector Jacket, World Traveller and Bike Travel bags.    Read More »

Review: Evoc Bike Travel Bag

Most airlines strictly enforce the 50lb weight limit when it comes to traveling with a bike. Enter the Evoc Bike Travel Bag, my dream case! Lightweight for packing other things along with the bike without being over weight.   Read More »

Video: Evoc FR Trail Pack for All Mountain and Enduro Events

Evoc is a popular backpack company very much in tune with the All Mountain and Enduro crowd. This pack is not only a hydration pack but is optimized to carry full downhill gear comfortably with its neoprene enhanced hip strap.    Read More »

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Anyone use EVOC travel bag with Lefty?

Hello, I have had an EVOC bag for a few years now, and it works awesome. [url=http://reviews.mtbr.com/review-evoc-bike-travel-bag]Review: Evoc Bike Travel Bag | Mountain Bike Review[/url] But in January I got a new Scalpel - with my first Lefty. Loving the bike, but as I was planning a trip I ... Read More »

EVOC Travel Case

Recent experience traveling with my road bike from USA to Sweden might be relevant to some folks racing / traveling with mountain bikes. I used an Evoc travel case (about $400) to get my Specialized Tarmac from Arizona to Scandinavia for a big ride, 180 mile VatternRundan this week. I purchased the ... Read More »

EVOC Travel Bag - where to buy quickly??

My dad and I are going on a riding trip over Christmas break and have decided on investing in some travel cases for our bikes instead of cardboard boxes. EVOC bags seem like a better bet than hard cases, but also seem to be hard to order from anywhere but overseas. Are there any Bay Area dealers ... Read More »

Booyaka Shop - EVOC Dealer Canada

Bought an EVOC Freeride Protector backpack from them, as here in the US, there is no current retailer that carries the packs - only bicycle bags. Curtis at Booyaka has been helpful, and I ended up with a pack that I wanted. Shipping was no issue, and arrived in a timely manner, and without any ... Read More »

EVOC Bike Bag Question

Has anyone ever used FedEx to ship one of these? Because of logistical issues, won't be able to bring it on the plane with me, so am looking at alternatives. Would love to hear anyone's experience using the EVOC (which I already have) with parcel carriers; if no one has actually done this, then tell ... Read More »

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Evoc Product Categories

Armor and Pads

Protector Vest 0
0   Reviews
$ 133.99


Bike Travel 0
0   Reviews
$ 493.49
Camera Pack 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
CC Backpack 0
0   Reviews
$ 111.49
DH Helmet 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
Duffel 0
0   Reviews
$ 154.49
FR Enduro 0
0   Reviews
$ 189.00
FR Trail Womens 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
Freeride 0
0   Reviews
$ 213.99
Saddle 0
0   Reviews
$ 23.99
Wheel 0
0   Reviews
$ 96.49

Water Carrier

CC 3l 0
0   Reviews
$ 85.49




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