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Top Five Mountain Bike iPhone Apps

Here at Mtbr HQ, the iPhone is king. Of all of us employees, the actually count is 5 iPhones vs. 2 others (the two others being a Blackberry and an Android G1). I love my all purpose iPhone and it's even better when I can combine my inner tech geek with my mountain biking Passion! Here is a list c ...    Read More »

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Everytrail App ?

Does Everytrail App have real time GPS tracking? Im looking for an app that allows my iPhone to be tracked from my home computer. Thanks!Read More »

Everytrail pro / iPhone Question

So I have a iPhone 4 and have down loaded the everytrail pro app. It worked great out at PMP, but I can not get it to track out at SoMo. I got the phone from Verizon and did not pay extra for the wifi. So if there is a wifi signal my phone will use it, but it doesn't make it's own wifi (make sense?) ... Read More »

EveryTrail users:

Anyone else having problems with the site and/or app lately? Wondering if it was just me.Read More »

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