Ashes to Dust with Emanuel Pombo

Hi Mtbr, My name is Emanuel Pombo and I am the Portuguese Downhill National Champion. I´m from an island called Madeira in Portugal! Madeira is known worldwide as the island of eternal Spring, frequently called has Garden Island or Pearl of the Atlantic.    Read More »

Commencal Titanium

Riding a titanium frame is pretty exceptional, almost rare.  A noble material with an instantly recognizable colour, it has unique benefits when compared to aluminum, cromo or even carbon.  With its ability to better absorb vibrations, a titanium frame has a non negligible level of comfort. The dura ...    Read More »

PROJEKT ROAM: Gravity Ride Guide

Is it luck? Well one could definitely state that we're lucky. Picture this: you wake up one day and you say to each other "I'm tired of door number one, I don't want to live this lifestyle anymore, let's see the offer that lies behind door number two". So you both dive straight into that rabbit hole ...    Read More »

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The Eternal Question

How many points of engagement would you say a standard fixed cog has? One? Infinite? Something else? What about for a bolt-on cog, like a TomiCog? Six points of engagement? :skep:Read More »

the eternal question

Don't hate me cause I know this has come up too many times. So I've narrowed my new bike choices to a trance x3, stumpy comp, and fuel ex8. Surprised? Here's where I'm at. I'm ok with the different susp types. They will do what I need. I can live with the fuel's travel, but like the other's a l ... Read More »

Changes to Ryan's Eternal Flow

There is a new feature on Ryan's Eternal Flow it is about half way down the trail. There is a drop at the end of a left hand berm. The feature is currently closed, I am just trying to see how people do with the ride around. The trail is probably under 4 inches of snow so it will probably be a whi ... Read More »

HELP NEEDED on Ryans eternal flow 02/23/11

I need to dig out a big stump to improve a section of the line that I have seen numerous people crash. It will increase speed on the line and if time allows we will build a berm after that section that will lead into all the new berms that continue down the rest of the line. If you can come out fo ... Read More »

Ryans eternal flow trail maintaince Saturday

Ryan's eternal flow work party. Making some new berms be the first to put tracks on them. Meet in the clearing at 10:30.Read More »

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