Anyone Heard Of This? (EPX Reef)

Browsing through craigslist and came across this: [url][/url] Looks pretty cool and from the little info I can find from them online, they seem to be carbon framed bikes from Australia? Anyone have more info? Kinda cool looking I think...Read More »

What happened to EPX Bicycles??

Their website still shows 2002 info and their local Ga. phone no. has been disconnected. Is it possible they have been bought by a larger Co. ? Have a carbon fiber Hammerhead hardtail that is a good race bike; wonder about warrenty issues. Any info appreciated. :(Read More »

2003 SGS Sport or EPX Terra-Shark??

okay I've narrowed it down to these 2 Epx Terra-Shark carbon expert [IMG][/IMG] or the Iron Horse 2003 SGS Sport [IMG][/IMG] both are about the same cost but the EPX MSRP is l ... Read More »

About to buy a EPX terra-shark comp. Yey or nay

I'm in the market for a new bike and would like to keep it light to start it off. EPX has a carbon fiber frame which brings the complete bike to 28.7 lbs. considering that other bikes are around 32-37 lbs.. thisis considerable difference.. has anyone considered.. or even bought thisbike??? is ... Read More »


EPX Product Categories

2003 Hardtail

Hammerhead Comp 4
1   Reviews
$ 2560.00
Hammerhead Pro 4
1   Reviews
$ 4080.00

XC Full Suspension

Terrashark 4.31
10   Reviews

XC Hardtail

Hollowpoint 0
0   Reviews



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