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Race Report: Cape Epic stage 1 and Medicenter photo gallery

‏Team Kappius/Sir Richard’s Thomas Dooley gives us a look at the impressive Cape Epic Medicenter as things heat up on the multi-day stage race on the Cape of South Africa.    Read More »

Race Report: Cape Epic Prologue

Mtbr follows the trials and tribulations of the Team Kappius/Sir Richard’s Condom duo of Thomas Dooley and Mike Hogan as they do battle in the grand masters division of the Absa Cape Epic.   Read More »

Video: Epic Fail in Bike Park Chatel, France

Four buddies from Argentina went to France to ride Chatel Bike Park. Unfortunately, they were a little too confident and their leader, Juan Cruz Paez, had no idea where he was going but was ready to huck every feature. The three guys behind put their fate in Juan Cruz and this is the result.   Read More »

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Ordered an Epic Comp

and I pick it up on wed. After having demo'd numerous other bikes it comes down to the Epic. I wasn't really sure about the "brain" as I thought it was sort of gimmicky but it seems to do the job. For me the Epic seemed to feel closest to a hardtail while still giving the comfort of full sus. I'm su ... Read More »

X0 crank on a 2013 carbon epic

I tried replacing my S-1250 with an 2012 XO crack, but the axle is shorter than my 1250's axle. Is there suppose to be a difference? I thought a PF30 was a PF30?Read More »

Mt. Borah Epic

So I wasn't able to make it to the Festival of the Trails this year, but looking over the site yesterday evening and noticed that they had a new 30mile singletrack race that ran from Cable to Hayward using the CAMBA trails during that weekend as well. Can anyone enter this race or are there some ... Read More »

Epic: Buy vs Build

My 2006 Epic is getting up there in age and miles. I think I'm going to upgrade to a new one. Just wondering what the opinions are on buying a complete bike vs building? I'm not familiar with the wheels on the new epics are. Are they worth keeping or are they throw aways? The cassette and ... Read More »

For SaLe:2012 Specialized Epic Comp 29er full suspension Bike.......$3,500

WELCOME TO SAMTECH BIKES LTD. OUR COMPANY PROMO IS ON!!!! We are liquidating our 2007,2008,2009 ,2010 and 2011 stock and we giving out big discounts now!!! BUY 4 BICYCLES AND GET ONE FREE!!! OFFER VALID WHILE STOCK LAST. SO HURRY NOW! THE SAMTECH BIKE ... Read More »

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