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Englund / Eko Total Air Carts Help Needed

Evening all, I have a set of Total Air carts in my Judys, which hold air perfectly, but one is 'sticky' for the first 1/2" of travel. Does anyone have instructions of how to disassemble the cart? Thanks, PhillRead More »

Englund Total Air

Who knows anything about these ? Just scored a killer deal on the bay, Judy DH with extra sliders, top caps, a crown, and these. Eyeballed 'em, cleaned 'em up, and put air in them. Lo, and behol, they seem to hold air !!! (haven't done the dunk test, yet. I'll just check again in the morning) ... Read More »

viva la englund total air cartridge

just the right bike/fork for a [URL="http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?p=7195950"]little jaunt on the colorado trail[/URL] (buffalo creek trail system)... [img]http://terrybreheny.com/mtbr/buff%20creek/DSCN6794.jpg[/img] :thumbsup:Read More »

Englund Air Cartridge tuning?

So to replace my Duke a friend cobbled together a Judy hybrid. Don't ask, too much to explain. But its something to get me by until I can rebuild the duke. Couple of questions about the air cartridge. What is the max air pressure this thing is rated for? And to tune the dampening, which way do ... Read More »

Englund Total Air Pressure Settings 97 Rock Shox SL

Anyone have the air pressure settings for Englund Total Air cartridges in a 97 Rock Shox SL fork? I am 6/6, 215 lb........Read More »



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