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Elete users: Put it in water or sports drink?

I usually use the Gatorade Endurance formula mix when I ride but I have some Elete samples to try. Can I just put them in the Gatorade or do I need to do the Elete in straight water?Read More »

Have you used Elete add-in?

I'm testing Elete electrolyte add-in this weekend. I saw that Jeff Kerkove is using it and yes, I guess I'm a product of good marketing... I was wondering if anyone on the boards has used it and could provide any useful experiences. Thanks.Read More »

Elete hydration concentrate?

Anyone know where I can get some locally? Has anyone tried it and like it, or not? I don't really want to pay $10 shipping straight from the manufacturer but if that's the only option I might have to pony up. LiteandFast Dave mentioned it when we rode last because I am a chronic leg cramper on ... Read More »

Elete Water... ever tried it or used it?

Wondered if anybody has any experiences with this? [URL="http://www.eletewater.com/index.html"]http://www.eletewater.com/index.html[/URL] Want to add something to my camelbak that gives me electrolytes with out making my camelbak all funky inside because as it is I rarely clean it. I like acccler ... Read More »

Elete Question....

I am Experimenting with Elete after using Endurolytes for a few years and i was just wondering what a good dosage per hour i should start to target, I was using three to four Endurolyes per hour. ThanksRead More »


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