30hr Review: e*thirteen LG1+ Pedals

Huge platform, 4mm&7mm pins, replaceable nylon plates, spin control, within average DH pedal weight, and 17mm thickness. The pedal could completely rebuilt for about half the cost of new. What was there not to like? other than the 17mm thickness, but even that could be overlooked considering the eno ... Read More »

E*Thirteen East Coast Showdown at Plattekill, NY

[CENTER][ATTACH=CONFIG]809257[/ATTACH][/CENTER] [B][CENTER]2013 E*thirteen East Coast Showdown at Plattekill Mountain Bike Park[/CENTER][/B] Plattekill Mountain will be hosting the E*Thirteen East Coast Showdown, July 4-8 2013. The E*thirteen East Coast Showdown will offer four big days of ... Read More »

e thirteen LG1+ wheels / hubs

Any feedback on e thirteen LG1+ wheels? Need a new front wheel, considering either LG1+ hubs and rim, or LG1+ and flow ex, since I don't trust the light scandium rim much.Read More »

availability of e•thirteen trs crankset?

been looking for the e•thirteen trs-r crankset and cannot find them in stock anywhere. does anyone know if these take or use the common shimano based bottom bracket or are theirs proprietary? thanks:)Read More »

E*Thirteen Chain Guide on SLX Double Crank

I run a 1x9 drive train with an SLX double crank- 32t chain ring with a bash guard. 1x9's are 1x9's and the chain bouncing off the chain ring is annoying so I'm looking for a good chain guide. I'm looking into the e*thirteen LG1 Base guide. My question: is it compatible with the SLX double crank ... Read More »

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Chain Accessories

Dual Ring Security (DRS) System 4.51
56   Reviews
$ 149.95
Light Guide 1 - LG1 4.75
7   Reviews
Security Chainguide 4.74
52   Reviews
$ 149.95
Street Trail Security - STS 5
1   Reviews
Super Street - SST 0
0   Reviews
Supercharger Bash Guard 4.21
13   Reviews


CrownWheels 5
1   Reviews


Ali Stem 5
1   Reviews



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