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Mongoose 2014 Meteore 27.5 and Boot'R DH mountain bike

Mongoose shows us two new models for 2014. The Meteore is reborn as a 27.5 hardtail and the Boot'R remains as one of the best bargain DH bikes on the market. Check them out here.   Read More »

Hayes Bicycle Group - Hayes, Manitou and Answer

Hayes Hayes released the MAG disc brake back in 1997, and they haven't sat on the laurels, and their new Crosshair Alignment Technology is an excellent adjustment feature for brakes. The Crosshairs allows adjustment for aligning the calipers to the rotors, in a simple and easy manner, using screws ...    Read More »

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Hayes dyno sport brakes issues

I bought a 2013 Trek Mamba and I hate the mushy brakes, the front especially. I use my bike for all mtn. I've bled them and did the, Hayes recommended, lever pull adjustment. Still soft as your grandpa... I stored it upside down in the garage, went to ride the next day and had "no" front brake press ... Read More »

broke hayes dyno sport lever

I was on a ride last week and had a crash and my brake lever snapped. It did not mess up anything but the lever, I can pull what is left of the lever and the brakes still work good. I have a 2013 Trek Mamba with Hayes Dyno Sport Hydrolic disc brakes. I looked on Hayes website and saw these. ... Read More »

Hayes Dyno Comp vs Avid Elixir 3's

I have read the reviews, and cannot decide which to go for. I currently run Avid BB7's, so the changeover to the Elixir's would be relatively easy, where as with the Hayes I would need to redo my entire set up. Which one is the better choice?Read More »

helix bengal 5l vs hayes dyno sport

Which one of these budget brakes? ThxRead More »

Hayes dyno sport brake question! (Trek mamba)

Howdy, im just starting to get into mtb. I got a trek mamba a few weeks ago, however I'm not happy with the brakes at all. I cant lock the front wheel, infact i can barely stop using the front brake. I spoke to the bike rep who kept telling me that all bikes after different, but from all the other b ... Read More »

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