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Shimano - New XTR, Carbon 29er Wheels and more!

Shimano announces all new XTR carbon tubular 29er wheels! Also, some highlights from the new XTR group including improvements to the new disc brakes, hubs, bottom bracket and chains.   Read More »

DealerCamp Product Preview

ENVE, being located in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains means we have the perfect playground for testing and developing world class cycling wheels and components. DealerCamp is your opportunity   Read More »

Shimano Signs as NAHBS Title Sponsor

Leader bicycle components maker positions itself at forefront of Handmade Market Summary: Shimano has signed a one-year title sponsorship deal with the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. INDIANAPOLIS - The North American Handmade Bicycle Show Inc., owner of the world's leading custom bicycles ...    Read More »

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Greetings from Boston! Any Uniglide folks out there or fellow Dura Ace peeps perhaps?

Hi! Greetings from Boston. I ride a Montague Crosstown, in the midst of some major upgrades. In fact, one of the reasons I joined today is because I'm swapping the UG body on my wheelset (DA7400/7402 with Mavic Open 4CD rims) for a compatible 7403 HG body but I haven't been able to find a LBS yet w ... Read More »

Circa 1984 wheels = Dura Ace EX options?

Good friends, With a mind to build a period correct set of wheels, I got my hands on a NOS set of Dura Ace EX hubs. I do not know which model, as neither the hubs nor the box identify them. The box says 36h, and they are 32h, so this may not even be the original box for these hubs. They ... Read More »

Dura Ace CN-7901 chain experience on mtb?

Wondering who is running a 7901 DA chain on their 9 or 10 speed systems, and how it's going for you so far. No reviews of it, and with the slotted plates and hollow pins, I have to say it looks a bit light. If you have experience with this chain on your mountain bike, please report. Cheers. -ERead More »

XTR10spd Dynasys RD-M981 Rear Derailleur with Dura Ace 10spd SL-BS79 Bar end Thumbie

So I'm building a fatbike in preparation for some Alaskan Winter riding and want to use a Dura-Ace 10spd SL-BS79 bar end shifter I have mounted to a Paul Components Thumbie. I also have a never used XTR 10spd Dynasys RD-M981 rear derailleur laying about but I am aware of the issues involving the dyn ... Read More »

Dura ace 7900 front-rear derailleur and xtr m 980 shifters compatibility

I've been wondering and searching for a while and since i've not come to a conclusion, here is my question: I've got a custom cannondale bad boy weighing 6.8 kgrs. As you can understand i am a weight weenie guy. My drivetrain has: 1. Clavicula mtb dp (2X10), 44/32. 2. Sram red xg 1090 10 speed ca ... Read More »

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