Industry Nine 650B

Industry Nine had some 650B wheels on display, using the Stan’s Flow rims. I spoke with them about 650B, and they said it was quite easy for them to produce, as their proprietary aluminum straight pull spokes are just cut to different lengths, so it’s a simple manufacturing process to alter them for ...    Read More »

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Dumonde Tech lube - which do you use?

Yesterday I tried Dumonde Tech lube on my road bike for the first time. I have the "lite" version, which was recommended for road bikes on the Dumonde Tech website. I have to say -- this stuff is amazing! My chain has never been so quiet and smooth. No kidding - there is a marked difference betw ... Read More »

Dumonde Tech application?

I cleaned the chain with an ultrasonic cleaner, and then rinsed with 99% isopropyl. Lubed each link with two (2) drops of "original" Dumonde, and wiped off what little excess there was. That's it, right?Read More »

Dumonde Tech Chain Lube - Ever heard of it?

While lurking around on another roadie forum I came across opinons about my fav chain lube - Pro Link (versus Boeshield and WL). But as I read on there was much more positive feedback about a chain lube called Dumonde Tech - has anyone hear of / used this lube and have some feedback related to mtb u ... Read More »

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