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Review: DSP Bighorn Adjustable Seatpost

Introduction by Francis Cebedo Mtbr feels that every mountain biker should try a dropping seatpost. No other component on your bike can improve your handling and descending abilities as much as dropping seatpost will. But there are a few concerns. And the most common ones are weight, cost and dur ...    Read More »

Review: Drift HD Ghost POV Camera

An incredible amount of technology, features and software crammed into an easy to use 11MP video camera, with a superb remote control, a long lived battery and useful LCD screen.    Read More »

Cardo Bk-1 DUO Review

I saw the interesting Cardo BK-1 intercom system at Sea Otter this past year, and was highly intrigued to test and review one here in the mountains of Colorado. Cardo Systems are best known for their wireless Bluetooth communication systems for motorcycles, such as the scala rider, and they recently ...    Read More »

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DSP Dualer rear shock

So a buddy and I are looking into getting a couple of Dualer shocks for ours bikes. His is current shock is toast and needs replacing, my rear shock is still good but interested in the trying one. So question is, has anyone have any time one and what they think? Thanks in advance. Sent from my SGH ... Read More »

DSP Racing/Springtime Fox40 & Boxxer Ti Springs

We are putting out a feeler for demand on production of Ti springs for the Fox40 and Boxxer forks. What weights/sizes would you guys be interested in? Would you buy them? Is there even a need?Read More »

RS Vivid Air vs DSP Dueler

Fishing around for some info from others about either of these shocks for AM/trail riding. Riding an El Guapo with the Monarch RT3 and not happy with the performance, mainly on the down hill sections. Only have had a hand full of rides on it but feels rough on the downs. I am around 230# (dry) an ... Read More »

DSP Racing Spy Shots

Doing some marketing research for DSP Racing. Got some test colors for the rail clamps on the bighorn adjustable post. Which ones do you like and what colors would you like to see? If they were to offer color choices on the Dueler shock, what would you like?Read More »

DSP Spy Shots

Doing some marketing research here. Which colors do you like or would you like to see? These are the rail clamps for the Bighorn seatpost.Read More »

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