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Drift Innovation Drift HD Ghost Delivers Features Users Want

Do you sometimes feel that GoPro has a monopoly on the POV Camera market? They seem to have a lions share of the market because of their superior brand and and marketing power.    Read More »

Drift HD Camera: Smaller and Smarter

Smaller and Smarter: Drift Unveils New Drift HD Point of View Camera 07.26.2011– Point of view cameras are one of today’s hottest commodities in countless markets and demographics. The growth trend has invigorated camera technology advancements, recorded the most extreme events in history ...    Read More »

POV Camera Shootout - GoPro, Drift, Contour

GoPro Hero HD Vs Drift Stealth FX Until recently, if you wanted to make a movie of your mountain bike excursions you had to either advance to professional level where people paid you to put your skills on video, or shell out big bucks for a high end unit by the likes of Sony, Nikon or one o ...    Read More »

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Drift Innovation - HD720 Action Camera

Don't have any experience but have heard good things. Looks like a good deal for $80. [url=http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Drift+Innovation+-+HD720+Action+Camera+HD+Flash+Memory+Camcorder+-+Black/6916507.p?id=1218813791100&skuId=6916507&cmp=RMX&ky=1vqvUDdwFJToQgiQMcLLGQtY9FMdNFzN7]Drift Innovation H ... Read More »

Drift Innovation X170 Action Camera

Anyone have one of these? Drift Innovation X170, seems like a pretty good deal? There are not a lot of clips on the interweb too watch? Thanks...Read More »

Drift Innovation X170 Action Camera.

Anyone have one of these? [url]http://www.actioncameras.co.uk/X170[/url] Or have anything to say about it?Read More »

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Drift Innovation Product Categories

Video Cameras

Ghost-S 0
0   Reviews
$ 400.00
HD Ghost 0
0   Reviews
$ 399.00
HD170 0
0   Reviews
$ 329.99
HD170 Stealth 0
0   Reviews
$ 349.00
X170 0
0   Reviews
$ 199.99




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