BIKE EXPO NEWS Munich, Germany, June 8th 2009

BIKE EXPO NEWS +++++++++ BIKE EXPO NEWS Munich, Germany, June 8th 2009: - Strategic partnership with ExtraEnergy e.V. - SCOTT Junior Trophy powered by MILKA at BIKE EXPO - Trail show with Danny MacAskill - BIG IN BAVARIA featuring the Who’s Who of the global dirt jump elite - Register online fo ...    Read More »

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2003 Devinci Dragonfly price.. advice?

Hi- I'm liking the look of this bike, I saw one on eBay... so the question is, [I]what is it worth[/I]? The owner says the shocks are in good shape, only superficial issues (some scratches and paint flaking) -- needs tires and pedals, but other than that... what's it worth now? Anyone have op ... Read More »

Blue DragonFly Project 2 MC-E (beta)

Here is my first DIY project still in construction. . Parts used so far. 2 x [URL=""]CREE MC-E 4WT-A2-WG-M0 on star PCB[/URL] 2 x [URL=""]Carclo L ... Read More »

Devinci Dragonfly

I'm in the process of narrowing my list to find an XC bike. The Dragonfly is looking like a good option, full XT and FSR linkage for around 3.5K. Does anyone out there ride one? The 05s have 100mm rear travel and only an 80mm fork. That seems like an odd combination. I could swap forks to 100mm ... Read More »

OT - AZ Related - Today's Critter - Dragonfly

Riding the house trail, I saw this guy was buzzing around, eating the gnats that were chasing me down. Not often critters actually sit still long enough to get a good shot. I got lucky today! There are about 5,000 known species of Dragonflies, the common name for members of the insect suborder ... Read More »

Rocky Element 70 vs. Devinci DragonFly

Does anyone have any feedback on these bikes? I'm currently debating between the two. I'm looking for a nice cross-country bike which I can race and use for everyday trail riding. Some of the trails I do are fairly technical, no drops, with lots of rocks so the bike can get beat up and must be ab ... Read More »

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Dragonfly Product Categories

2003 BMX

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$ 299.99
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$ 299.99



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