2012 Sidi Mountain Shoes Video and Dragon 3 Review

Sidi let us try their 2012 Dragon 3 shoe at their press camp in Monterey and sent us home with it. The shoe has been so good that I've done every ride with them including my road rides!    Read More »

Best Mountain Bike Gift Ideas - 2012

Welcome to Mtbr's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide! Every year, we present some gift ideas for that special mountain biker in your life and every year the biggest complaint is that the items we suggest are too expensive. So, this year we have gathered this list of gift ideas and we start off with a few stoc ...    Read More »

2013 Jamis 650B Line

Introduction: Sal from Jamis spilled the 2013 650b beans on the awesome Mtbr 650b forum.  The discussion on the new Jamis 650b line is here. We've been riding the 2012 Jamis SixFiftyB for the last few months and are delighted to see the expanding line from Jamis. Jamis is one of the companies ...    Read More »

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Post Pictures of your Dragon 29'ers

Lets see 'em. One of my favorite looking and most classic builds I have seen.Read More »

Noob Question: Jamis Dragon Sport vs Airborne Goblin

I am looking at getting a new bike and looking to go the 29er route. I previously rode a 10 year old GT Avalanche sand was forced to upgrade a few parts due to breaking them. So quality components are important and these two bikes seem to have similar componenets with the main difference being steel ... Read More »

2012 Jamis Dragon 29 Sport

Hello all, I realize everyone is probably a little tired of opening up threads to find a newbie like myself asking crazy questions like "is this bike good?" Or is that bike going to fit me?" The fact is, I am looking to purchase my first 29er and join the ever-growing family or seasoned veterans an ... Read More »

Jamis Dragon 650B

My LBS has a new 2012 Dragon 650B for $1350. MSRP is $2700. I'm kinda new to mtbing, and don't have my own bike. This would be first MTB. Hesitant to spend $1300 on my first mtb but the deal appears too good to pass up even if I am a little hesitant to spend $1350on my first MTB. What do you a ... Read More »

2009 Jamis Dragon 26" conversion...

I searched through 45 pages of compatible 26'ers and it either isn't listed or my eyes missed it completely. That said, I am trying to decide if I should pick up a 2009 medium Dragon at a nice price and convert it. Does anyone know if it will work with the 650b wheels? I read that the 2007 Team ... Read More »

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Dragon Product Categories


Box 4.71
7   Reviews
$ 80.00
Goggle 5
1   Reviews
$ 60.00
Hiss 5
4   Reviews
$ 95.00
MACE 4.75
8   Reviews
$ 90.00
MDX Goggles 4
0   Reviews
MDX Youth Goggles 0
0   Reviews
MX-Goggle 4.33
5   Reviews
$ 30.00
Rake 4.05
19   Reviews
$ 85.00
Twin 4.89
7   Reviews
$ 85.00



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