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4-Bike Hitch Racks: Raxster v. Thule T2+2 v. SportRack 4 EZ v. Draftmaster v. Swagman

I have read every review I could find, unfortunately I will not be able to see these racks in person before buying. So let's hear it, which one is the absolute best, at any cost, for a cross country jaunt? Can I get away with spending less (Swagman, Sportrack), or is it $600 to do this thing rig ... Read More »

jeep liberty and Draftmaster rack

I have a Jeep Liberty and have been offered a Draftmaster hitch mount for a great price. Has anyone used this rack with a Liberty? Does the spare tire cause problems? Will I need an extender for the hitch? Help, I would like to make a decision quickly.Read More »





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