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Hot News: Santa Cruz releases 27.5-inch Nomad Carbon

It may be April 1, but this is no fool’s joke—Santa Cruz releases 27.5-inch wheel version of their vaunted Nomad Carbon all-mountain sled today.   Read More »

Handmade Show: Ritchey carbonates Break-Away travel bike

Ritchey has been building their luggage-checkable Break-Away travel bikes in steel and titanium for years. This year company adds a three-pound carbon frame option.    Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Pivot shoots for Holy Grail status with new Mach 6 Carbon

The versatile Mach 6 shoots for Holy Grail territory with it’s wide-ranging capabilities for a wide range of riders. Does it hit the mark? Read our Bottom Line review and find out.    Read More »

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The One downtube protection

Good afternoon all! I have seen the threads about running car bra tape and other such protective films for rear triangle and downtube protection, but those seem like more of a scratch deterrent...looking for something a little heavier, like a carbon plate that a lot of bikes have nowadays...has any ... Read More »

Mojo SL Custom Carbon Fiber Downtube Protector

Thought I would make myself a protector out of carbon fiber, came out pretty nice, and I have enough materials for many more.[ATTACH=CONFIG]812571[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]812574[/ATTACH]Read More »

Installing a bell on the downtube cable guide?

Does anyone have an idea on how to install a bike bell like this? [ATTACH=CONFIG]806547[/ATTACH] I have a simple crane bell, and my bike cable guide looks like this [URL="http://imgur.com/5RADCGx"]imgur: the simple image sharer[/URL] I did some googling but came up fruitless, and to be honest i' ... Read More »

Downtube tubing choices

I'm wondering if i'm missing a good option for a 9/6/9 x 35 tube that is over 700mm in length. True Temper is what I would like to use but there's only OX Plat in 8/5/8 for that OD and length, or a Supertherm 1/7/1. Seems like a missing tube in the line? You're kinda forced into using a really ... Read More »

Downtube cable routing, any issues?

I've been seeing downtube cable routing listed as a negative on a lot of reviews I've been reading lately, but I've never heard of anyone actually having a problem with it. I've owned 3 bikes with the cables routed this way: Rocky Mountain Altitude 29er, Rocky Mountain Slayer and Specialized Stu ... Read More »

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