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The Angry Singlespeeder: Ashland, Oregon – Shakespearian Singletrack

To Enduro™ or not to Enduro™, that is the question. The answer? In Ashland you can do both, provided you can find a hotel room.   Read More »

Guest Column: The State Of 24-Hour Racing

What is the state or 24 hour racing? Our guest columnist hopes it's not dead, and believes that there's a new group of enthusiasts out there that are helping to keep all-day-all-night racing alive.   Read More »

High School MTB State Championships Race Report

California State Championships A Gold Rush for High School MTB Racing 2012 California State High School Mountain Bike Racing Championships Los Olivos, Calif. — Perhaps National Interscholastic Cycling League (NICA) founder Matt Fritzinger described it best. He had ridden a lap behind one of the ra ...    Read More »

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Douglas State Forest Trail Conditions?

Anyone ridden Douglas since the storms hit? How did it make out?Read More »

Anyone been to Port Douglas?

I'm heading up there in a couple of weeks and would like to sample some of the local trails. I won't be taking my bike, so was thinking guided tour or hire and explore with some good directions. Can anyone share some knowledge or experience? Cheers, Grant.Read More »

Whilliam O . Douglas Trail (Yakima)

Article in latest WTA mag. Anyone know if it's open to bikes and if so is somebody paying attention to what's going on? More info here. [url=http://www.cowichecanyon.org/project/rainier]Linking Yakima to Mount Rainier | Cowiche Canyon Conservancy[/url]Read More »

Highlands Ranch/Douglas County Trails

Anyone been out on the HR/DC trails in the past few days?Read More »

Anybody familiar with the "Douglas Booty Luv" saddle? Compare to WTB?

I'm about to order a Tallboy from Colorado Cyclist. I've been on the WTB Laser V for a long time, but they don't carry it. They have a "Douglas Booty Luv" saddle that looks similar, only weighs about an ounce more, and costs nothing extra. I can find no reviews or anything. Is anybody familiar ... Read More »

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