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New product request (DNM Dropper Seatpost)

Hi, just wondering if Someone could add the DNM ASP-R dropper seat post to the reviews section under adjustable seatposts. Thank you for your time.Read More »

SEARCHED. Problems; DNM usd 180 fork.

I looked around and did not find any significant amount of technical information about the DNM usd 180 forks. I recently found no travel in the front forks, just about 2 inches and a slow rebound of the total 7 inches. Sadly I am new and have not realized how much maintenance these forks need. What ... Read More »

Anyone used or know anything about DNM forks?

Hi all As the title says, has anyone here ever used a DNM fork? What were your impressions? I am able to get a used one for really cheap (+- $40). It's one of the USD (upside down forks) with 130mm travel (as advertised but think it's a USD 120mm). Also if anyone has a service guide/manual ... Read More »

dnm air shocks creaking noise

hello, i've just bought a new dnm outback air shock yesterday from a LBS. upon installation and testing it started to make a sucking like noise specially if i hit a bump, is this normal, i tried adding air to the system from 150 psi to 200 psi but the noise still persist, any idea whats causing thisRead More »

Dnm Dxl110

Do any of you know anything about this fork? (Price, performance,reliability,etc) I was looking at one for real cheap to replace my current fork which doesnt work. I don't have a really good bike, it was purchased at Canadian Tire :madman: , i dont have enough bling for a new bike so i'm just looki ... Read More »


DNM Product Categories

Dropper Seatpost

ASP-R 3.5
6   Reviews
$ 0.00

Rear Shock

AO-30RC 3
4   Reviews
AOY-30RC 0
0   Reviews
$ 184.00
Burner-RCP 2 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
DV-6 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
MM-22LAR 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00




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