DKG Strong Arm brake booster concentric adjuster

Anyone got an extra one hanging around the parts bin? I have a nice red ano booster that I must say is destined for greatness ....but for one small flaw: I've only got one of the rotatable pre-load washer/adjuster bits. I'll call up DKG this week, but thought it would be worth asking here to ... Read More »

Dirt Drop/DKG mount setup ?

For those running the DKG shift mounts w/dirt drops I have a setup ? for you. I made a pair of the mounts, and got them all setup this weekend, but the aero cable routing on my brake levers comes out right where the band and tower needs to be. It will go over the top, but it seems to put a nasty ... Read More »

Early Marin MTB History on the dkg web site

Found this interesting page on dkg web site. Mert Lawwill, Gary Fisher and Don Koski content. [url][/url]Read More »

DKG vintage parts museum

Dave has been adding stuff to his museum section. I was amazed to find out some of the stuff he has made for the bike industry (as well as others). Check it out @ [url][/url]Read More »

Any source for DKG seatpost clamp in the Los Angeles area?

Seeking a 31.8mm DKG clamp in the LA area, preferably for a competitive price. Does anyone know of any sources. Haven't found any thus far, and the DKG site hasn't worked for a long time. thanksRead More »


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