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Dirtworks Termite

Hi, I got Dirtworks Termite that is almost ready to roll again accept I need to put new shock on it.Does anybody know specs for the shock on the bike ? ThanksRead More »

Dirtworks Monster 1999-2000

Hi, does anybody have any information about this frame? I've scoured the internet and apart from a couple of pics on Pinkbike info is very scarse. Be nice to see some others if there are any about. Cheers MikeRead More »

dirtworks pirhana

is this bike a good deal for 850? i don't ride any thing extreme i just want an inexpensive fs bike to get started in DH riding i cant post links but it is dirtworks piranha on pinkbike.com in Augusta Maine right now i have a giant revel 1 i use for XC and single-trackRead More »

dirtworks termite

A Guy local to me has a 2003 . It looks like a fsr knock off. I found a dirtworks in UK but nothing in the us.Read More »

Dirtworks 100 (NSW) entry for sale - 2 May 2010

Hi all I entered the Dirtworks 100 which is on 2 May 2010 at St Albans, NSW, but I won't be able to do it. It sold out within hours of entries going on sale, so if you missed out and want to buy mine - here's your chance. $120 (which was the entry price). PM me if you're interested. C ... Read More »



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