Review: DirtBaggies Shorts

Do you ever notice in a mountain bike video that no one is wearing full Lycra? That's because full Lycra outfits are not ideal for the style and lifestyle of riding trails. Do you ever notice on most XC races, especially endurance ones, that few riders are wearing baggy shorts? That's because roadie ...    Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: This 4th of July, Buy Something American Made

So you want more American made products? Then start buying more American made products.   Read More »

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DirtBaggies Sea Otter Booth

DirtBaggies is seeking staff to work at our Sea Otter Booth, April 18-21. Retail experience and an undying devotion to the benefits of bibs, would be helpful though not mandatory attributes. I'm thinking it's probably best to do this through email. I'm [email][/email]Read More »

Race for free(*) at Over The Hump, get sponsored by DirtBaggies...

Hi all, I've been having a blast at the Over The Hump races, seeing old friends folk, meeting fellow MTBRers and making new friends at the biggest open invite mountain bike festival we've got. So I want to spread the love by paying for DirtBaggies customers to race on Tuesdays, all the informa ... Read More »

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