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Video: Winter Dirt - Dirt Jump Session

Here's a video of Vincent Tupin trading in his normal DH rig for a dirt jumper. The ShapeRideShoot guys shot this video between bouts of rain and came up with a pretty slick production, not bad for their first DJ edit!   Read More »

Trek Re-Ups Sponsorship with Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps

Trek helps the ladies keep it rad, renewing sponsorship of Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps.   Read More »

Feature: Taking the Dirt Surfing to the Water

Taking surfing lessons from Alan and Kauai Surf School was helpful for the mountain bike clinics that I teach. Next time you’re near water, check out surfing. It’s a great compliment to mountain biking!    Read More »

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Alpine Road (Dirt)

Does anyone know if Alpine Road dirt is open? I haven't been able to find any information either way...Read More »

What fatty tires do you guys like on dirt?

What fatty tires do you guys like for dirt use? Primarily dry SoCal stuff... hardpack, rocks, some sand, ball bearing dust over hardpack, etc. I currently have, and like, Nate's but they're pretty sluggish and would like something a little faster rolling... thinking about Husker Du's, Knards, .. ... Read More »

26" tire for pavement and gravel that's dirt cheap...

Yes, the pun was intended. My wife and I are headed to Acadia National Park next month for 5 days. She has a road bike and a HT. I've heard there's a lot of dirt and gravel roads so I want to get some tires for her HT that will be good for all surfaces. These won't be used much at all, so I don't ... Read More »

visiting phoenix - goatheads or other hazards on paved or dirt trails?

if this has been discussed, sorry for new thread - my searches didn't give what i was looking for. i'm visiting phoenix for the next 2 weeks and brought my mountainbike. i've got a set of 1.4" wide slicks with regular tubes. i also have good offroad tires with the heavy thorn resistant tubes. i'm ... Read More »

Good size dirt jumper

I'm thinking of getting a dirt jumper and I want to know a good size for me I'm about 5'3" and 12 years old.Read More »

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