Review: BAMF Shit Kicker 29er

Say what you will about BAMF’s cocksure marketing approach, the Shit Kicker turns heads and is a standout value at only $1,999.   Read More »

Locals' Guide to North Shore Rides

Introduction Until May 2011, the North Shore, the birthplace of free-riding, a network of trails contiguous to a metropolitan area of 1.5 million people had no guidebook. Sure there are websites with online maps, sites that aggregate GPS information and trail information and some maps (eg the Cov ...    Read More »

Dainese 3x Knee Guard and Performance Elbow Guards

While I freely admit to being a complete fan boy for Dainese's gloves, their elbow and knee protection guards falls under more scrutiny.  This market is highly saturated and there are many fine elbow and knee guards for us riders to choose from.  So what does Dainese have on the competition? Well f ...    Read More »

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Trailer and trail digger stolen from NW Trail Alliance

Just saw this story in the OR Bike newsletter. [url=]STOLEN! NWTA Xtera trailer and ST240 machine... | Northwest Trail Alliance[/url] Followed a link to a news story. [url= ... Read More »

Took a digger and got stitched up :D (kinda graffic)

I was in my way down to the mountain to help the lady with her bike, turns out she had to help me! 5 stitches and a really really sore back/hip. Maybe cracked or fractured but can't really do anything bout it. Hopefully I will be back on two wheels in a week or so :)Read More »

More North Van trails - > Digger

Rider taking multiple diggers is myself. Central and Lower Digger from Lee Lau on Vimeo.Read More »

More Slayer SXC action on Digger - North vancouver

Rider taking multiple diggers is myself. Central and Lower Digger from Lee Lau on Vimeo.Read More »

GT Gold Digger Photos

Please share you photos. I loved the concept and thought the encouragement/ harassment by the gold diggers at the start line was GREAT. Kudos GTRead More »

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