DiaTech headsets

Has anyone had experience with the newer DiaTech headsets? I found some 1" in both threadless and threaded in various colors (silver, black, pewter) for under $20.00 each. They look to be well made but maybe a little light (flimsy?) Any opinions?Read More »

DiaTech Twin Cam Mounting Adapter

Hey! I recently bought some DiaTech Twin Cam Disc Brakes off good ol' flea-bay. Does anyone have any idea how to get an adapter to install the caliper on a SR Suntour fork? -JesseRead More »

Diatech Anchor

I'm probably going to look stupid but as the Chinese proverb says: "He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever" After running mechanicals for a year or so, I decided to upgrade to Hydraulic and bought a set of Diatech off eBay after reading this review ... Read More »

How do these generic rotors from Atomlab, Alligator, Diatech compare to genuine Avid?

I'm after a new set of 8"/203mm brake rotors for my Avid Codes on my downhill bike. I've seen what [I]seems[/I] to be a generic product sold by a bunch of different companies (see links) and I'm wondering how they stack up against the genuine Avid Clean-sweep rotors? They're certainly a [B]lot[/ ... Read More »

Diatech Anchor Sport or Shimano lx M585 disc brakes.

I ride a 2002 Norco vps shore and my old diatech anchor brakes are trashed so i need to buy a new set. I ride quarries and bings and stuff so i'll be doing big drops and stuff so i need a good set of strong brakes. Which do you recommend or any others under £150 for the pair. I don't need rotors. ... Read More »

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DiaTech Product Categories

Disc Brake System

Spiral Stop Disc Brake 3.67
56   Reviews
Stainless Rotor 0
0   Reviews
$ 10.00
Twin Cam Disc Brakes 2.88
39   Reviews


5   Reviews



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