Review: Seasucker Mini-Bomber Suction Cup Bike Rack

You need to transport bikes on occasion but you have multiple vehicles or you are not ready to commit to a permanent rack. Or you have a type of car where a hitch rack is not an option and a roof rack is not available.   Read More »

2013 Rocky Mountain Altitude MSL 650b Preview

Introduction Rocky Mountain Bicycles is no stranger to trying new things. In 2009, they resurrected the venerable Altitude line; the name gracing a 140mm travel dual suspension bike. In 2010 this morphed into a 29er version with 120mm of travel. In 2009, the Altitude was described as "XC Marathon ...    Read More »

Cannondale 2013 Tango SL 29 and Althea

Lyriel from Cannondale shows us the highlights of the new Tango SL 29 and Althea women's specific models for 2013   Read More »

Read More »

Watershed Delta Bike Trails

I bike at Delta Watershed and I cannot find the bike trails. Anyone know a bike trail map for there?:)Read More »

1994/2013 Cannondale delta V1000

This is my old /new Cannondale Delta V1000, which accompanies me since 1994, which is fully updated.[ATTACH=CONFIG]812812[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]812813[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]812814[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]812815[/ATTACH]Read More »

In Delta/Montrose for work this week, brought the bike

Hey MTBR Western Slopers, I'm working in Delta and staying in Montrose this week. Brought the GF Roscoe (5.5" trail/AM) with me. I have the OTE Grand Valley guide book and the relatively new Mountain Bikers Guide to CO, but nothing covers Montrose and Delta. I've ridden up by Paonia once and h ... Read More »

SkyHawk, Guardian, Goblin and Delta hanger best price info

Best price I've seen. Free two day shipping for prime members: [url=]Wheels Manufacturing Dropout-94 Derailleur Hanger : : Sports & Outdoors[/url]Read More »

Information on this Cannondale delta V, "CRYSTAL" with rainbowy decals :p

Hey all, I just sniped this on on craigslist with the intention of using it, I quickly realized that it's not really trail worthy anymore. to my pleasant surprise, I found out that many of the components are quite valuable. I've done some research on the frame and coda components but still have q ... Read More »

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Delta Product Categories


Metro Trunk Case 0
0   Reviews
$ 70.00

Bike Rack

Cycle Bike Haul 5
1   Reviews
$ 0.00
Front Loader Rack 1
0   Reviews
$ 35.00
Picasso Wall Mount 0
0   Reviews
Post Porter Rear Rack 2
7   Reviews
$ 40.00
Universal Mega Rack 5
2   Reviews
$ 22.00


Aztec Powerline Brake Cable Set 1
7   Reviews
Aztec Powerline Shifter Cable Set 2.64
14   Reviews
PTFE Coated Brake Cable Set 0
0   Reviews
$ 6.60
Teflon Cables 2.73
26   Reviews
$ 30.00


Insight Mirror 3.43
4   Reviews
$ 15.00
Leonardo Single Bike Wall Mount 0
0   Reviews
Post Haste Quick Release 0
0   Reviews


HunchRack 3
4   Reviews
$ 150.00


Alloy Hi Rise Stem 1
0   Reviews


Latex Tubes 2.46
13   Reviews
$ 20.00



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