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DeLorme Earthmate PN-60 GPS

DeLorme Earthmate PN-60 GPS the reviews are pretty good. Guess the reviews was to good for me.I now have it on order. I will need to get the bike mount for it as well.And a few other things.And then I can start to finish pulling the rest of my hair out while learning this new toy.:DRead More »

Delorme inReach ups the ante against SPOT

Check this bad boy out - TWO-WAY text messaging and position updating through the Iridium sat-phone network. [url]http://blog.delorme.com/2011/06/03/delorme-inreach-two-way-satellite-communication/[/url] This might actually convince me to get an Android phone, since my wife has expressed an in ... Read More »

Delorme pn 20?

Anybody have any input on them? I know they are discontinued but I found a refurb bundle with a one year warrenty for $150. Good deal? Worth having? I explore gravel/jeep roads for 50+ miles and tend to get lost so a gps is in order. ThanksRead More »

DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 refurbished?

Are refurbished usually okay? I can save $100 and it has a 1 year warrenty.Read More »

oregon 450 vs delorme pn-60

[FONT=Verdana]Who has experience with the delorme units? I haven't bought a gps yet, it's on my "to get soon" list. I've narrrowed down the oregon 450 as my choice from garmin, but I've just been looking at the delorme pn 60 and I like it a lot, it's seems to be a comparable unit with some nice bonu ... Read More »


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GPS RAM Bicycle Mount 0
0   Reviews
$ 24.95


PN-40 1
1   Reviews
$ 220.00
PN-60 0
0   Reviews
$ 299.95


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