Deity Announces New Cam Zink CZ38 Special Handlebar

Have you ever wanted to take your handlebars out to the desert and blast them with a shotgun? Me neither. But apparently, Cam Zink has. And does in this video. Fresh off the press from Eric Davies (Deity Owner and Product Designer) is the announcement of their new CZ38 Special handlebars. The b ...    Read More »

Tyler McCaul Joins the Deity Bloodline

The crew at Deity is proud to announce the addition of Tyler McCaul to the pro Bloodline! A rider bound by impeccable style, pitch perfect whips, and a pedigree that has made him one the premiere riders in the Slopestyle game, Tyler is a perfect fit within the talented roster of deity riders. On b ...    Read More »

World Champion Tracy Moseley Signs with Deity

The crew at deity is proud to announce the addition of World Cup Champion, Tracy Moseley, to the roster!  The fastest woman on two wheels, Tracy will be on board the new lines of deity handlebars, stems, and more for the 2012 season! With the recent launch of T-MO Racing, Tracy has set her sights ...    Read More »

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Deity Vendetta?

So I just ordered a Vendetta crank setup to replace a Saint on my hardtail......maybe just for $hits and giggles and to do something "different." I guess also because I like the company and I really dig their style. I haven't seen many people (or at least photos of people) using Deity cranks on free ... Read More »

Respect to the Commuting Deity

I tried to offset my carbon emissions yesterday. Being in sales I tend to drive a lot and I needed to spend yesterday in the office. Since it was going to be a nice day I rode in, took a nice lunch ride on Green Mountain, and rode home. I live in Castle Rock but was sketchy about riding Santa Fe at ... Read More »

Deity Compounds

Anyone else running these guys on their downhill bike? I've had mine on my bike for about a month now. At first I was :skep: running plastic... They felt solid, sealed bearings, through hole pins, flat design... I didnt want to diss them until I tried it, especially because of love the Decoys. ... Read More »

Deity compound pedals??

I'm looking for some light weight pedals for my Rockhopper and i came across these Deity compound pedals the reviews seem to be decent ,but im wondering if anyone else knows more about them. I do know that they are some kind of plastic which is fine to me cause my riding is not that aggressive yet. ... Read More »

Pedal Dilemma (Easton, Straitline, Deity)

First off, my dilemma is that my new bike should be ready for pick up tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday. And I don’t drive, so I am going to ride it home (17 miles). Thankfully there is a trail that starts near the shop and ends near my house. So in order to ride home I need pedals! I have looked at ... Read More »

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