Deda 29er seatstay dimensions

Does anyone have the dimensions of the Deda 29er seat stays. Really after the a drawing showing all the measurements. ThanksRead More »

deda 29'er chainstays, new vs. old

was it Walt that posted the pic comparing the new chainstays with the old ones? Don't remember the thread. Joe B says he isn't going to have the new ones back in stock until February, but he has some of the old ones. I am building a frame with a little bit longer rear end, and I just want to ... Read More »

Deda Black Cross fork a-c Q

Internet says that it is 367 mm, but I can't believe it. If someone knows what the real a-c of DBC fork is, I would be thankful.Read More »

PSA: Super cheap Deda tubesets at Nova

Not affiliated in any way, and yes, feel free to point out that I consistently tell people not to get tubes in sets. Ah, hypocrisy... That said, these are insane deals, especially if you want some tubes to build a first frame that you don't have to be terrified of ruining: [url]http://www.cycl ... Read More »

Deda zero100 Stem on XC bike or options!!!!!

Just wondering if anyone has used this new stem on a XC bike.... I called the usa distributor and they didnt have much info and he told me they are a road bike stem, but on there wedsite, which is down right now, but a few days ago it showed the Deda zero 100 Servizio corse as MTB or Road, at least ... Read More »


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