Diamondback DBR Vertex TR

All original except the seat, but I still have it to put back on. This bike is in great shape, with only a few shallow scratches. [ATTACH=CONFIG]813871[/ATTACH]Read More »

1999 dbr x2 frame - build

I got this frame cheap not sure if I should buy each part for it or buy a used bike for 100 and swap the parts. I have the frame, fork, both derailers, crank set and stem. I found these. 1996 cannondale 200 se 2002 trek 4300 Can I put a8 speed cassette and shifters on this 9 speed rear de ... Read More »

DBR Vertex

So a while back I scored a pretty sweet DBR Vertex. oh... I guess I should have introduced my self...I am Costefishnt, or as my parents call me curtis. I am a redneck from Florida. As a child i used to race BMX, then got into MTB in my teens and 20's. got old, got married, had kids and spent mor ... Read More »

1996 DBR Axis R

I've been busy the past couple of days putting my Axis R back together, having stripped it after buying it back in October. It was collected and posted it to me by a retrobike member, for which I am extremely grateful to him. When it arrived the elastomers had gone, the BB was ropey, large chainr ... Read More »

DBR Axis TT decals ?

I'm needing a a set of decals for a 1994 DBR Axis TT - red outline. Does anyone know where to locate some or have exact reproductions made? I have been searching for a year.Read More »


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