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Fezzari Lone Peak or 2013 Dawes Haymaker 1500

I am a noob to MTB and looking for help with my first purchase. I am trying to keep my budget under $600 and have narrowed my search to Fezzari Lone Peak or 2013 Dawes Haymaker 1500. Both sell for $499. I really like the look and reviews of the Fezzari but the Dawes appears to have higher quality co ... Read More »

1x9 Build - Dawes Bullseye (well.. used to be)

Been riding my SS 29er for a few weeks now and wanted to give 1x9 a try. I've been living on ebay for the past 2 weeks trying to get deals... I'm going to put together costs to see how much I really saved. I did get the xo shifter for $80 and it's brand new in box. Started with a stock BD SS ... Read More »

300HT vs 450HT vs Dawes Haymaker 1k

I'm a total noob just starting to look at bikes. I want something inexpensive I can tool around town and on dirt trails with. I am handy and technically inclined so assembling and tuning are no problem. I'm looking at the Bikes Direct bikes. The 300HT seems like a great value. The 450HT is about $5 ... Read More »

DB Overdrive V vs. Dawes Haymaker 2900

Hey all! So I will be buying a bike soon! I have narrowed it down to 2. The Diamondback Overdrive V and the Dawes Haymaker 2900. They are both right at the price point I am looking at. My goal is to eventually upgrade the parts and make it a better bike...but to start off with, what is the better bi ... Read More »

WINTER Wonderland / dawes HAYMAKER 2900

Hey gang.. Got back not too long ago from the maiden voyage for the dawes 29er. A wintry Feb. 09.2013 Temps in the mid to upper 20s, winds N, 15-20 Partial clouds, sun peeks. Recent snow fall left the landscape clean and surreal.. Beautiful Wisconsin winter cycling.,, Good for the soul. The dawes H ... Read More »


Dawes Product Categories

29er Hardtail

BullsEye 29er 3.67
3   Reviews
$ 400.00
DeadEye 3.71
7   Reviews
$ 319.00




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