KRob's Outerbike 2013 Bike Demo Reviews - Part 1

Part one of KRob's Outerbike bike tests. Here he gives us his opinion on the new Ibis Ripley, Yeti SB95 Carbon, Intense Spyder Comp 29 Carbon, Ibis HDR 650b, Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt, GT Force, and Giant Trance 27.5   Read More »

Gunnison's Original Growler: What You Need To Know

For starters, be aware that the Original Growler is loaded with techy singletrack and almost never-ending pedaling. No wonder everyone who registers for the race must tick a checkbox affirming that they are "an experienced mountain biker."   Read More »

The 7 Day Giveaway: Some of BC’s Finest Single Track

Words by Harlan Price. Photos by Dave Silver. “It's a funny thing ... often we live in a place and don't always see it for what it is or take advantage of the opportunities it provides.” Leanne Neighbor Mountain Biking BC’s 7 Day Giveaway contest sent a winner and one friend on an amazing sev ...    Read More »

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Graveyard (Dave's revenge)

Dave got a little revenge for the camera.:D [ATTACH=CONFIG]770188[/ATTACH] Of course, everyone else followed suit... [ATTACH=CONFIG]770189[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]770190[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]770191[/ATTACH]Read More »

Mostly OT: Dave's Killer Bread

Those who have been to the Mountain Bike Oregon event (MBO) probably have looked forward to eating the sandwich you made each day, because the Dave's Killer Bread it was on was so good. DKB was a sponsor of MBO, and I know it was one of the little things I and several other people looked forward to ... Read More »

Tommisea/Dave's Ride Report?

I see the Tommisea/Dave's type bike mentioned here every once in a while, but can't remember (or find) a ride report. Wondering how much the long chainstay length impacts the ride. I figure it would still perform well on relatively flat sand and snow. Anyone have experience with one? If not, ... Read More »

Dave's Fat Cycles (aka: Tommisea Terrain Destroyer)

This is more or less a continuation of the Tommisea thread. However, this one specifically relates to my build. I'm an average Joe Blow who stumbled across this guy and not someone pushing his company spam. My experience in dealing with him has been fantastic. Some time ago, this guy named Dave was ... Read More »

Dave's Hairy Monster.

Day One. The Omnivore needed to head north for more educatin', but wanted to get one last glimpse of the landscape he plans to call home before excusing himself for a year. He asked if I had an idea on how we might immerse ourselves into said landscape, see a few sights, and maybe camp a few night ... Read More »

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